Make the most of your student life on the UniLaSalle - ESIEE-Amiens campus!

Community life plays a fundamental role in the success of studies. In fact, having a fulfilling student life in parallel with the success of one's studies is the key to having memorable memories of one's student years.

Associations and clubs are the lifeblood of a school, as we at UniLaSalle - ESIEE-Amiens understand. We support students who are committed and who give their time to animate the life of the school on a daily basis.

Getting involved in community life is not just a way to party!

Whether you want to go on a humanitarian raid in Morocco (4L Trophy), organize the school gala (Apogée) or the Student Welcome Weekend or BBQs (BDE), go to the hospital every Thursday to organize activities for hospitalized children (Hosmose) or go dancing, theater, photography or even sports in university competition (BDS), the ESIEE-Amiens campus offers ideal conditions that allow everyone to find their own club or association or even to create one throughout the engineering students' curriculum.

The Students' Union (BDE) aims to animate the life of the school. It organizes the welcome weekend at the beginning of the school year, student evenings with other corpos throughout the year, outings, weekends and other events to weld the promotions together.

In addition to the rugby and futsal teams registered in university competition, the BDS also offers a multitude of sports thanks to the partnership with the University of Picardie Jules Verne. It also organizes travel during the Ovalies UniLaSalle, the Challenge du Monde des Grandes Ecoles...

Created in 2004 by students from ESIEE-Amiens, Hosmose aims to entertain children hospitalized at the Amiens Hospital through various activities and events (manual activities, games, music workshop, Christmas, Easter, Halloween ...).

AREA (Robotics Association of ESIEE-Amiens) offers students the opportunity to develop their projects in partnership with the fablab La Machinerie. Robotics nights, competitions, training, AREA offers activities to all robotics enthusiasts within the school.

Every year, crews from ESIEE-Amiens embark on the adventure of the 4L Trophy, a humanitarian raid that takes place in Morocco during the February vacations. In 2018, 5 ESIEE-Amiens students had launched into the adventure.

Even more clubs...

ESIEE-Amiens is also clubs focused on Art (Music, Photo, Video, Theater), a cafeteria held by students, the association AGEA which organizes a gala throughout the school, the Club LAN which organizes an annual festival of video games and internal tournaments.