Opening up to the world, discovering other ways of learning, improving your language skills, gaining autonomy, ... So many good reasons to go on student mobility!

That's why all engineering students at UniLaSalle complete at least one exchange period in one of its 227 international partner universities.


As well as giving me a solid grounding in the subject, it boosted my chances of being recruited quickly and easily by an oil company.

dual degree graduate from Imperial College, London

In my 5th year, I had the chance to go for a year to do a double degree in England at the University of Cranfield located less than 1 hour from London. This experience allowed me to acquire solid knowledge while benefiting from a very different pedagogy and also to improve my English. In this context, I was able to build a unique life balance: combining classes, parties, various sports activities (international dance, jujitsu, yoga ...) and especially friendships from all walks of life!

Anastasia CAUDE
Dual degree at Cranfield University (UK)

Go-LaSalle, a first experience abroad

At the beginning of the third year of our engineering programs, you will complete a semester abroad at one of the 20 partner universities in the La Salle network.

This semester is a chance to experience the benefits of the Lasallian network first hand as you enjoy a first experience abroad in a reassuring environment with your course mates.


Semester abroad

The semester abroad takes place in the fifth year of your engineering studies and gives you the chance to study in an international context and receive academic recognition for your work (ECTS credits). This is also an opportunity to deepen your studies with specific topic that complements your core UniLasalle program.


Dual degree programs

Get two degrees instead of one? It is possible, thanks to the double degree, which is a real plus on your CV. Depending on the departure method, the stay in the host university lasts between 12 and 24 months. UniLaSalle covers the costs in the host university up to 3600€. Depending on the destination, the double-diploma can be done without any extension of the duration of the studies or by extending the duration by 6 to 12 months. It also allows you to open up to a specialization not offered at UniLaSalle. The double-diploma is done in the 5th year of the engineering training.

Some Dual Degree destinations

Other destinations are possible at the initiative of the student in agreement with the Directors of Training.

International specialization

Are you in adventurer at heart? Then the international specialization is the ideal option for you! from your third to fifth year, spend three periods (semesters abroad or internships) in different countries, and graduate with the words "international specialization" on your degree certificate.

Internships abroad

Many internship periods can be completed abroad, in all engineering programs. When carried out abroad, the internship allows students to gain professional experience in a context of cultural openness.

Internships that can be carried out abroad :

  • 1st year, up to 8 weeks in Europe   
  • Go-LaSalle: Semester or internship of your choice   
  • Voluntary internship in 3rd year   
  • Pre-engineering internship in 4th year: 16 weeks which can be carried out abroad   
  • End of study internship in 5th year

Gap year

Students can request to take a gap year for several reasons... to work, take part in the Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) program, volunteer with an NGO, etc. Gap years can be carried out abroad.

There are a highly rewarding experience at a personal level, and give you the opportunity to try out something you have always wanted to do.


Internship abroad

Students can carry out several internship abroad over the duration of their engineering program. Internships carried out in another country are a way of gaining professional experience in a different culture context.

Which internships can be completed abroad?

  • Fourth-year internship (Rennes campus)
  • Final year internship, in the fifth year


Financial assistance

A number of grants are available to help you fund your international mobility:

  • Erasmus+ grants
  • DGER grants from the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Regional grants
    • Hauts-de-France - Mermoz grants
    • Normandy - Pass' Monde grants