Geological Field School in France

The Department of Geosciences at UniLaSalle offers students an unparalleled opportunity to complete geology fieldwork in France. Both home and international students will have the chance to work alongside academic staff members, 4th year engineering students and specialists. They will conduct a practical geological exploration experiment in small groups.

Program aims:

Extend learning from the classroom to the field in sediment mapping and mapping of magmatic or volcanic areas, or, alternatively, study the Alps transect or sequence stratigraphy in situ.

The program’s strengths

  • Program taught in English
  • Field schools available for 2 levels of students:
  • 2nd year Bachelor’s degree students (4-year degree)
  • 3rd year Bachelor’s degree students and higher (4-year degree)
  • Up to 3 weeks of workshops and classes
  • Up to 12 ECTS credits (or 6 US credits) awarded

Program details

Admission criteria

The Geological Field School in France program is primarily intended for undergraduates in their 3rd year (Bachelor’s degree).

Grade Point Average (GPA) prerequisite: 2.7 (B)

As the language of instruction is English no particular level of French is required. Nevertheless some basic knowledge would be useful.

Selection on the basis of a dossier.

Deadline for nomination by the partners: January 15, 2022

Application deadline: February 07, 2022

Please note that the number of participants in this program is limited for each session.