The Agrifood and Bioprocesses College brings together associate professor, engineers and technicians who contribute to teaching, research and expertise activities in the fields of agrifood and bioprocesses.

Issues, challenges and positioning

Companies in the food sector evolve in a context of strong competitiveness with changing consumer expectations, which requires continuous improvement of industrial performance and a culture of innovation.

The challenge of the Food and Bioprocessing College is to meet the expectations of these companies in connection with changes in food and energy consumption patterns through the study of food processes and biotechnologies to obtain products beneficial to health and / or the environment.

Competences and teams

The competences of the College Agroalimentaire et Bioprocédés are divided into two main themes:

The food industry brings together 11 associate professors and study engineers around the knowledge of food, process engineering and food science and technology, formulation and sensory analysis, microbiology, hygiene and food quality and safety.

The bioprocesses mobilize 6 associate professors, study engineers and technicians in the fields of methanization, nanotechnologies and agroresources chemistry.

Competences in agri-food

  • Dr. BUCHE François: Food Science and Technology  
  • Dr CHARBEL Farès: Applied physics   
  • Dr ROBERT Nathalie: Applied Statistics   
  • Dr JOUQUAND Céline: Formulation and sensory analysis   
  • Dr. LAGUERRE Jean-Claude: Process Engineering   
  • Dr LAKHAL Lyes: Chemometrics   
  • Dr NESTORA Sofia: Microbiology and food hygiene   
  • Dr REGNAULT Stéphanie: Processes and Nutrition   
  • Ing. DRUON Cyril: Process Engineering   
  • Ing. HARDY Vincent: Management and quality control   
  • Ing. DE LUCA François-Xavier: Quality and health safety

Competences in bioprocesses

  • Dr ANDRE Laura: Methanization      
  • Dr RIBEIRO Thierry: Methanization
  • Dr. RALAINIRINA Robert: Agroresource Chemistry
  • Dr. ACHA Victor: Nanotechnologies
  • LESTRADET Pascale: Chemistry
  • ADAM Adeline: Chemistry 

The competencies of the College

  • Food product formulation / prototyping   
  • Process Engineering   
  • Sensory analysis   
  • Physico-chemical characterization of food products   
  • Detection / enumeration of microorganisms
  • Determination of product lifetime   
  • Hygiene training and support in obtaining certifications (HACCP, IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, etc.).   
  • Training in the scientific approach to R&D (experimental designs)   
  • Numerical methods and tools applied to the food industry   
  • Optimization of energy production through the valorization of biomass (methanization)



The missions developed within the college are part of a continuum of training - research - innovation around a strategic field of activity for the school, the food industry and non-food bioprocesses.

 The college intervenes on the following themes:

  • Development of food products and innovation   
  • QHSE Management   
  • Product safety management   
  • Production management and industrial performance   
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management   
  • Agri-food Marketing

In connection with the Processing and Agroresources research unit.
2 teams :

  • Team Processes and Food Transformations and their Effects on Health (PETALES)   
  • Team Valorization of Agro-resources in Molecules and Innovative Materials (VAM²IN)

Study, consulting and continuing education activities with various economic actors.

The equipment

  • Process Engineering Platform: lyophilization, zeodratation, atomization, microwave treatment, concentration by evaporation, ultrafiltration.   
  • Bread-making laboratory: kneader, pushing chamber, rolling mill, deck oven.   
  • Physico-chemical characterization laboratory: rheometer, texturometer, colorimeter, Awmeter.   
  • Plateforme Pratiques Culinaires : equipment for collective kitchens   
  • Microbiology platform: microbiological safety station, anaerobic chamber, cytometry, epifluorescence microscope, qPCR   
  • Analytical Chemistry Platform: spectrophotometry, HPLC, GC-MS, flame photometer, electrophoresis   
  • Sensory analysis platform: individualized boxes

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